Getting a Tourist Visa

Every year, millions of tourists visit Canada. Contrary to popular belief, all areas of Canada are not snow-covered! Niagara Falls, Cobb Road, Giants Park, Great Bears Forest, numerous national parks, Cannes Tower, numerous beaches and lakes, visiting the Northern Sepia, museums, festivals and cultures of citizens living in Canada, are only some of the attractions of the second largest country in the world.

People who want to visit their relatives and attractions are using this method to obtain a visa. By taking Canadian tourist visas you can also attend educational courses that last less than 6 months. The good news is that you can get other visas, including education and work, along with tourist visas. 


How Can I Get Canadian Tourist visa?

  • The first step is to have a valid passport
  • Provide health certificates (some countries)
  • Proof of the financial ability to cover the travel expenses of the applicant and companions during the stay
  • Explain the reason and motivation of the trip
  • Not having a criminal, terrorist, criminal offense, reviewing a person's entry ban in Canada, and a record of denial of visa application due to lying in a case.
  • Invitation from an organization or individual in Canada
  • Strong travel history or a close relative in Canada

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The applicant must convince the relevant officer that he will return to his / her place after the deadline, and can help accelerate the process by saying the incentives that may increase his probability of returning (family, property, real estate, etc.)

Canada's tourist visa is divided into two categories:

1- Single Entry Visa: In this method, the applicant is only allowed to enter Canadian territory once and the visa must be received from the Canadian Embassy for another entry, i.e., upon leaving Canada, the visa will be lost. . Of course, if a tourist leaves Canada for the US, St. Pierre and Miquelon, there will be no need for a visa to enter Canada again.

2- Multiple Entry Visa: This is usually a 5-year visa, with which, a person can stay in Canada for a maximum of six months. If you provide a compelling reason for the officer, you can extend this visa in Canada until the end of validity period. Otherwise, you must leave the country and then immediately enter Canada and renew your visa.


Why Should I Get A Canadian Tourist Visa?

  • Getting a job visa in 30 minutes
  • Attending scientific and business events (conferences, seminars, exhibitions and training courses).
  • Finding Job Opportunities and Entrepreneurship
  • Examining educational opportunities (student and college)
  • Meeting family and friends
  • Getting a five-year multiple entry visa
  • Permanent residence for babies born in Canada

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