Express Entry

Express Entry or Fast Entry is a new law that has been ratified in Canada since 2015, which has reduced the length of a visa for several months. This will make the applicants aware of the result of their request faster which avoids confusion and waste of time. Individuals must register at the start of the application through the Canadian Immigration Office website, and after reviewing the terms of each of the applicants, the experts will rate each case. The overall goal of this approach is to save time and select the best qualified people for the rapid growth of the economy, meet the country’s labor market needs and provide the interests of the applicant.


Here, priority is given to those who are fluent in language, have academic education or have the experience of working in Canada. The accuracy of completing and correctness of each part of this process is very important, which requires the experience and awareness of the relevant laws. Lack of attention to the correctness of accurate information in this section may result in the inability to obtain a Canadian visa for even several years! Employers in each province in Canada can enter the Canadian job information site and find their required workforce in the fastest way possible according to the needs of their area's labor market. In the final stage, those who are eligible are invited to apply for permanent residence within 60 days. It takes about 6 months to respond to your request after the application has been submitted.


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